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ホームOverseas order/ Shopping guide


Lolita Second-hand shop


(Harajuku, Japan)


【Display of "SOLD OUT "item】

From 2015 February 4th, the item already sold out on our website
become to be deleted automatically and not shown as "SOLD OUT".
You can't see "SOLD OUT"item anymore.

So please check with AutoReply order confirmation mail sent
from our shop. If it has not been reached yet,
please let us know by mail.


International orders are accepted through the following two ways.

1. E-mail order

2. Shopping cart


 For overseas order, the payment method is only by Paypal

You can't use the credit card payment directly from overseas.

Only the customer living in Japan can use the credit card payment.

(But it is possible to use the credit card payment through PayPal.)

Also If you use some shopping service in Japan like "TENSO",
you can use the credit card payment because sending address is in Japan.


           We ship by EMS, Airmail and SAL          

If you are not sure about purchasing yet and have some question, please contact us

by e-mail.




We are sorry.

We can't mark down the price of invoice

and can't ship as gift.

If you want, please use shipping service in JAPAN like "TENSO".



1.E-mail Order

After you have made up mind to purchase, Please tell us item number, name and price

by copy and paste from our homepage.

  For example

Angelic Pretty /Marry Making Party JSK+ON+KC[1979]

販売価格: 15,800円 (込)

Please tell us your full name, address, zip code, country,

telephone number and shipping method

Receiving your mail, we change to SOLD OUT on HP and you will have a week

for reserve.

We inform total amount of payment including shipping fee

So please finish payment by Paypal within a week since then.


Our Paypal address and E-mail address is;


Ordering by using our shopping cart has priority over ordering by email regardless of  

which was first. We cannot check email order all the time, like other than

our business hours.

Thank you for your understanding.



2.Shopping cart

If you want item for sure and quickly, try this way although Japanese might be tough

and confusing.

① click カートに入れる=  ”add to cart”

② After confirm the price, click レジに進む = means “go to payment”




【Step 1】   

③ Fill in customer’s information (for example)

メールアドレス(mail address)leave this blank

パスワード(password) leave this blank

お名前(name) Shirley Temple

フリガナ(same as above) Shirley Temple

郵便番号(zipcode) 10016-0601

都道府県(location)  select → 日本国外 (Overseas) 

ご住所1(address) 270 Madison Avenue     

ご住所2(address) New York, NY 10016-0601

ご住所3(address) U.S.A

メールアドレス(mail address)←  your mail address    

                                       abcd1234@hotmail.comyour mail address

電話番号 (telephone ) 800-356-5656     

FAX                          800-356-5657

    登録のためのパスワード (password) ********* password you like

登録のためのパスワード (password) *********same as above








【Step 2】   

次 へ= next (please click)

Do not click! 複数お届け先に送る

There is “備考欄”=  “your comment” at last of this page.

Put the shipping method that you want (EMS, Airmail, SAL)             

                   * If you don't choose any method, we will send the estimate by EMS *                               


次 へ= next (please click)




【Step 3】

④ お支払の選択=selection of payment

 Please select Paypal      

            Caution! Even if you select Paypal, do not pay this time because sending fee is

unknown yet.


 Caution! Please don't select credit card payment.

We don't accept credit card  payment from customer living in overseas,

we accept it only from customer in Japan.

(but you can used credit card payment through PayPal)



次 へ= next (please click)  




【Step 4】

⑤ Confirmation of your purchase

This is the last confirmation page of your purchase.

If you want to change something, please click  戻る =”go back to previous page”.

If it is good, click 購入する = ”purchase”




【Step 5】

⑥ About “Pop up page of Paypal”

You could see the entrance page of Paypal,but Do not go into and do not pay

this time.

We will send invoice with the total amount of payment including shipping fee

after your order is done.

Then please complete your payment by PayPal within one week from your order date.



 Caution!  "送料" means "delivery fee for domestic customer in Japan"

which is "500円(500 JPY)"

After completed your order, you receive an automatic confirmation email in

Japanese but just ignore the total amount of payment writen on it.

We will send invoice including correct shipping fee to your PsyPal address later.

Then please make payment within one week from your order date..


Also we have shipping free service in case of more than 20,000 yen purchase,

but it is for only the customer living in Japan, not for overseas.

If you use shipping service in Japan like "TENSO" , shipping fee will be 500yen or 0yen( in cace of more than 20000yen purchase)
because sending address is in Japan.


 Caution!  you can't arange a time to deliver for overseas shipping.


 Caution! 《Combining shipping》

If you want us to ship several orders together.

Please add the order within one week from the first order

and complete all of payment by PayPal within one week.

Otherwise we ship your orders separately.

When you add the order after one week from the first oder,

shipping will be separated.


 About the rank of item

AA - New with tags or unused but New is not same as it in brand shop.

Once it is bought,  recognized as second hand.

A - Used  a few or several times but good condition without big damage.

B - Slightly worn out or has minor damages.

C - Worn out or has damage.




Member registration【会員登録】

Click '新規会員登録はこちら' left side on the top of HP


【Step 1】 Fill up your information on the page of 'お客様情報'

【Step 2】 Confirmation

      click '登録する' = means 'register'

【Step 3】 Completed



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